Team – Bill O’Rly

Bill O’Rly is an American contemporary artist, gallerist, curator, and creative consultant. He is a co-owner at The SOAP Gallery, and consults and curates for the Cornelius Gallery as well as DNA Studios. Bill has curated and consulted for a dozen galleries, in addition to providing support to multiple arts organizations. He has a strong backround in branding, product development, and graphic design, having worked on regional, national, and international projects, for clients ranging from the Youngstown Marathon to the North Carolina Panthers to McDonald’s.

Bill is a diverse artist, and has no loyalty to medium. He has had work featured or shown regionally, including painting, illustration, photography, printmaking, collage, spatial arts, new media, and jewelry – and as often as possible blends multiple forms together. His work is in private collections from coast to coast. Bill currently resides in Youngstown, Ohio.

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