Team – Courtney Waskin – Executive Director

Courtney Waskin is a business consultant, musician, and visual and performing artist. She earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a minor in Entrepreneurship from YSU. She has worked on independant projects to benefit a number of organizations, including Farmer’s Co-Op, West Side Cats, and the UAW, in addition to working directly with the OH WOW! Children’s Center, and serving on the Power of the Arts Steering Committee. She also has years of experience as an independent business consultant, providing services in Management Accounting, Industry Research, Human Relations Optimization, Social Media Management, Cost Analysis, and Branding

Courtney paints in a variety of media, and also produces 2-d and 3-d collage. She’s also a locally reknowned musician and vocalist, with a strong and adaptive stage presence across multiple genres, spanning Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, and Pop. Courtney currently resides in Youngstown, Ohio.

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