From Rust Belt to Art Belt

James Pernotto, via NEXTBestArt, is addressing Youngstown City Council regarding the importance of supporting and encouraging the development of the creative class, and we need you there!

Arts development informs and leads cultural and economic development, and the Youngstown Arts community continues to be a strong driving force behind the support and perception of the region. This is a cornerstone that needs he same level of administrative support that is currently given to other industries.

As such, it’s extremely important that we work together, as a community, to show support in at the very least opening a serious and regular dialog regarding what can be done, who can do it, who can help, and when.

Please stand with us in encouraging the powers that be to recognize
our city for the potential it carries as a destination point and resource for artists and creatives, and the potential we all have to work together to create a brighter future for us all.

“Every great city is rooted in the arts and they are judged ultimately by what they leave behind. Their stories are told in word and song or in images about their struggles, battles, victories and myth. Youngstown has such a story and it continues to be told by the young artists that it attracts.”
-James Pernotto

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