Window Project Announcement

In the westward-facing window of Silver’s Vogue Shop, at the corner of West Federal Street and Phelps Street, is an unused window. On the second floor of the building, James Pernotto has been brewing an idea.

“Let’s open a window to the world of art in Downtown Youngstown.” The concept is simple enough. We replace the current window with UV protective glass, we box in the interior to make a tiny installation museum, and we bring in artists from around the world to build pieces just for us… Just for Youngstown.

Thanks to the efforts countless organizations and individuals, Youngstown, Ohio is in a long-awaited state of economic growth. Naturally, public art is peeking it’s lovely head around the corners, and we want to do our part.

Our first Artist to be featured is the fantastic Franz Spohn. To commemorate the 30-year anniversary of the closing of our beloved Idora Park, Franz will be creating a 6′ x 12′ image of the Rocket Ride out of marbles.

Project video

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